Falling in Deploying Node.js-React.js web application

Hii ,
i have been trying to deploy my node.js-React application over web-services tags .
after changing the package.json files and including thw right scripts in the same , i’m able to run my code on my local machine but when trying to deploy it over Render then the deployment fails with exit status 1 .
given below are the scripts that i have added in the package.json file
“build”: “cd BackEnd && npm install cd …/front_end && npm install && npm run build”,
“start”: “cd Backend/server && node server.js”,
“test”: “echo "Error: no test specified" && exit 1”
Kindly help me resolve this error and in deploying this application


Both services I’m seeing under your Render account associated with your current email address have deployed successfully. The only error I can observe is that your build command seems have a couple of mistakes including a typo as “BackEnd” should probably be “Backend”

npm install cd .../front_end would not work as this is not a valid npm command.

You could replace it with:

cd Backend && npm install; cd …/front_end && npm install && npm run build

Which services of yours are affected? If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket with support@render.com or contact us via the “Contact Support” form on the dashboard (bottom of the screen)

Jérémy, Render Support

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