Deploy fail after initial succesfull

Hi my app (Pai Bung), which worked before has an issue with redeploying. Maybe something needed to be updated (e.g. Multer version 1.4.4-lts.1) which i did. I have some other apps running fine, but this one beats me… Maybe someone has had the same?


The logs in the screenshot you shared show the issue:

The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=16.20.1". Got "14.17.0"

You’ll need to set the Node version to the one you developed/tested on.

The Node version Render is using is also shown in the logs you shared, along with a link on how to change it:

==> Using Node version 14.17.0 (default)==> Docs on specifying a Node version:


thanks Alan, made progress → build successfull but ran into app.js command not found

app.js is just a file, you need to run it with something… probably node app.js


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