Datadog Log Attributes

Is there any way to customize the attributes sent to the Datadog log stream? From what I see, the service name doesn’t even get passed along (if I change it, nothing changes in the log stream).

I ended up just running Fluentbit forward my logs to Datadog. My apps now just send logs to Fluentbit via TCP. I have much more control now over what gets logged and how

Hi there,

I’m sorry, but you can’t customize what we send to your logging provider. The message will be RFC5424 formatted, and while it doesn’t specifically send your service name, it will send your service slug in the HOSTNAME field of the message. Your service slug will be your service name if it’s unique, otherwise it is <service-name>-randomstring. Your service slug is fixed at the time of service creation, so changing the name after this doesn’t change what we send in the logstream.


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