How to disable automatic HTTP logs?

It’s not cool to change the behaviour of the system like that without any warning or opt it, my DataDog logs are doubled in quantity now and full of duplicated log information. I already had my own HTTP logs (like most production systems do).

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I think it’s fair feedback that we haven’t always been great at communicating changes directly to customers. Hopefully, change will change going forward as we plan on launching a new changelog. Until that happens I recommend either subscribing to our newsletter or subscribing to our current changelog RSS feed. This change was posted to the current changelog, but before this, we hadn’t posted anything for a while

You should be able to filter our request logs out in your Datadog setup.


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Thanks, but I think a way to disable built-in logs is still required, I can’t extend Render’s logs so I have to implement my own logs which almost doubles the outbound log traffic and ingest quota consumption at DataDog/other log service. This auto HTTP logs feature is nice, but it’s catering to hobby projects while harming real apps.

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