Database creation date

I’m looking at the option to use extra databases within a postgres instance. The docs say:

This feature is available by default on PostgreSQL instances created after October 30th 2022

So I’m trying to find when my database instance was created. All I can see is:

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 8.55.49 am

Is there a way to check the actual date? Or at least to see if the multiple databases feature is available?

Doh, I tried hovering over it for the actual date before, but I obviously didn’t hover long enough! For other readers, just hover over the “a year ago” for the actual date. Just make sure you don’t get too impatient like I did

FWIW though, it says “a year ago” when it was 17 months. I think just defaulting to showing the actual date would be more helpful, given the target audience of these pages. I know Github does it, I find it unhelpful there too! This is a very minor criticism of an otherwise great service, just in case I’m coming across as grumpy!

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