Custom domain isn't working, can you guys check for me?

Domain is managed on Namecheap.

And the custom domain in Render is all green:

However the site doesn’t load properly in my browser. If I open an incognito window it loads in the browser.

And here’s a command that’s failing:

➜  curl    

➜  curl    
curl: (35) error:0A000410:SSL routines::sslv3 alert handshake failure

If I browse to the non-www website, I see this in browser.


It’s been about 12 hours and is still doesn’t work. This domain used to be tied to a app and I used their docs to generate the SSL cert. Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

Do you think the SSL cert is somehow cached globally and we’re stuck in this limbo while it’s phased out?

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