Custom domain - Certificate Error

HI all!

We added a custom domain on our Settings, DNS is verified as expected, but the certificate issuement never gets successful at all.

We use Route53 as our DNS, and this is the configuration we have in place right now.

What is kind of frustrating in this is not being able to see any logs that would help us to find out what is the cause of the issue.

Your domain is not sufficiently resolving: DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

This site,, usually has 1-3 lookup failures, but when half of the list fails, and most of the US, domain records are typically not reliably available.

As a specific point of reference; Google won’t resolve your domain, see Query: - Google Public DNS

Seems that your DNSSEC configuration is invalid, so DNSSEC aware resolvers reject the query.

You are correct Jason-Render!

DNSSEC is disabled!

We will do it and post the results here as soon as we get it!


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