Custom 404 error page

Hi, I’d like to have a custom 404 page instead of the plain “not found”. Surprisingly enough it is not in the docs and it seems, no one has ever asked it here. My first solution was a rewrite of * to 404.html but then I realized that that would result in a 200 on all routes which is not good.

So can this be done? If so, how?


For static sites, Render will look for a custom 404 page at /404.html. This logic kicks in for paths that don’t exist and don’t match any redirect/rewrite rules. We will update our docs to reflect this.

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I m getting error 404 from search console but it is not redict to 404 or home page

Hi @things_to_do_marmari , can you give me a little more information? What is the Render service that you are using that is experiencing this problem? appears to be hosted on Namecheap, and not Render.

Hi there! Same here
if you found any other solution… :sweat_smile:

What’s wrong with your page? Everything looks fine, I get the custom page and it sends 404

Hi @agrodi ,

Your site is hosted at one‏‏‎.com, so we are unable to help with hosting problems.