Render heroku-app-builder documentation

Hi, is there documentation on setting up a Go app on Render using a Dockerfile?

I tried to setup an app with the Render Heroku-app-builder but could not find any information on the contents of and relationship between the /render and /app directory in the built container. The render heroku-app-builder at Package heroku-app-builder · GitHub has a link to but the repository is not available for viewing.

Is the code of the build pack closed source? If so, how do I figure out the correct Procfile commands to run my Go app? Thanks.

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For any else finding this, a .render-buildpacks.json file needs to be created in the root for the heroku buildpack docker image to compile your language.

My .render-buildpacks.json file for Golang is like below:

    "buildpacks": [

Go 1.19 isn’t recognized at the moment so your go module may need to be downgraded to 1.18

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