Controlling Pandoc Versions

I see in How do I install Pandoc that Pandoc is available at Runtime. Woot!

However, after deploying successfully, I see that it’s version 2.2.1 (which was released in 2018). I’m wondering if there is a way to control the pandoc version? We’re using the native runtime, and switching to docker would be a heavy lift just to manage this version.

I’d be lovely if this was updated somewhat regularly - monthly or quarterly

Other binaries (ruby, node, etc.) allow specifying versions that get picked up during the build and runtime phases. Would that be possible?

Alternatively, could I just download the binary myself in the build phase using or just downloading an amd64 binary and copying it to a directory that is accessible in runtime?


Render Runtime versions, Ruby, Node, etc. are configurable, but the ancillary libraries currently are not.

If there is a pre-built binary, you may be able to get it installed in a similar way to this Chrome example:

If you need even more control over your environment and OS-level packages, Docker would be the suggested route.


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