Choose ffmpeg version with env variable

Dear Render Team,

The preinstalled version of FFmpeg is the “4.1.11-0”. This version is two major (5 - 2022, 6 - 2023) version an several minor versions (4.2 - 2019, 4.3 - 2020, 4.4 - 2021) behind the most recent version of ffmpeg.

Is there a way, except build all the project inside docker, to define ffmpeg version like we do with node, elixir, python, etc?

Currently, some features from ffmpeg/ffprobe are not available, although they have been available for 4 years.


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It’s not currently possible to define the version of Native Runtime tools and utilities.

If you require specific versions, you’d need to use Docker to setup the environment as you require.

Please feel free to add a feature request to our feedback site about the ffmpeg version.


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