Specify a python version

Hi there,

Specifying Node version is supported (https://render.com/docs/node-version).

Is there something similar for Python when creating a Python 3 Service (not using Docker)? It would be great to specify the full semantic version.

Many thanks

Unfortunately, since Python 2 is now deprecated, we only support Python 3 in our environment options, but as you mentioned, Docker would be a good workaround.

I was hoping we could specify a specific Python 3 minor version.

For example it would be great to specify 3.7.9 so we can pin a code base to that known version. This way our python environment is the always the same in development and production. When we decide to upgrade to a newer version of python (say 3.9) and have tested everything, we can switch to the new version in production by specifying it.

Is this not possible without Docker? Like I said, it is possible for Node, it would be great to do same for Python.


I have the exact same question…

I created a feature request for this on our feedback page and upvoted it on your behalf @Rudolf_Hofland. @eluce, you may wish to create an account and upvote it so you can be notified with any updates.

See https://render.canny.io/features/p/specify-python-version, and feel free to comment with more about your use case.