Connecting to pgadmin

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect the Postgres DB I have deployed on render to my local pgadmin 4 application so I can visualize the data…that said I’m a bit of a noob and I’m not sure how to make the connection. Would I use the internal or external connection string for this? Or do I have to input the hostname, port, database, and username somewhere (I’ve tried this but seems that the hostname should be an IP address)?


You can enter the connection information manually in PGAdmin. Create a new server (Servers > right-click > Create > New Server).

Under the new server ‘Connection’ tab, enter the following:

  • Host name/address: The host name is the part of the external connection string between the ‘@’ and your database name. For example

  • Port: Default is 5432

  • Maintenance database: Render database name

  • Username: Render database user name

When you save and connect you’ll be prompted for your password. You can choose to save it with the connecting in PGAdmin.


That worked, thank you so much!!