Command line spawn with some credentials or idk the wrangler tool is getting failed

Your service is live :tada:

Feb 23 01:42:36 AMError executing command: Command failed: npx wrangler pages publish dist --project-name=web-page-1

Feb 23 01:42:36 AMsh: 1: wrangler: Permission denied

this is the command im trying to run using child_process
CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID=<ACCOUNT_ID> npx wrangler pages publish --project-name=<PROJECT_NAME>

did you set up your CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN as described here:


I am also wondering if you used your project settings secrets on your render dashboard to add a wrangler.toml file.

I have zero experience with cloudfare API, I am just spitballing
good luck!

There are few reasons that one would get a permission error, is the wrangler package install succeeding?

Yeah I did that

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