CloudFlare possibly rejects traffic, but no access to response data

I have an issue with my web application. It’s working as expected, deployments are running fine, but some of my external sensors cannot access the application.

The application gathers sensor information, these sensors do a post request through https to my webservice. When I do these post requests myself, everything is working as expected, but the post requests from the sensors don’t seem to arrive. I first thought this had to do with whitelisting domains at the sensor-side, but other domains are working fine. These requests are never reaching the webserver, so my current assumption is that these are blocked by CloudFlare.

But to make things more complicated, I cannot access the response data from these sensors, so I cannot find the CloudFlare problem-id. Is there a way to get around this or can this be looked into at CloudFlare’s site? For us this is critical functionality, because if we cannot process these types of sensors, our application is not usable for us.


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