Cloudflare Attack Mode


Is it possible to activate Cloudflare’s “Attack Mode” manually? If not, what exactly is the DDOS protection Render is offering through Cloudflare, does it not include the “Attack Mode”?

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Hi there,

Following up here as well for the community’s benefit: Render does not currently support this, feel free to add it our feature request page so we can prioritize and you can receive updates.

@tyler It would be really great to hear a little more about what the DDOS protection is and how it is implemented. Additionally, as we consider creating custom DNS records at Cloudflare, is there a benefit to or is it even possible to proxy through Cloudflare versus just doing the lookup?

Guess this feature request comes pretty close, I’ve added my low hanging fruit suggestion there as a comment:

In case you stumble here looking for the Coudflare attack mode, please consider upvoting:

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