Ffmpeg in NodeJS deployment

I have a Node app that downloads audio and video, and uses ffmpeg to combine them into a single file.
I had been using ffmpeg-static - npm (npmjs.com) as part of the app on Heroku to spawn the child process, but this generates a segmentation fault error when it is called.
Reading another topic here stated that ffmpeg is part of the standard environment, so I changed to command to just use that, but now the error is “stderr: ‘/bin/sh: 1: ffmpeg: not found\n’”.

Any help fixing this issue would be appreciated.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like you’re using Docker and not a Native Environment. Render Native Environments do have ffmpeg available by default.

If you only used Node & the ffmpeg buildpacks on Heroku, you may find it simpler to deploy directly to a Native Environment to avoid some of the complications of Docker.

Hope that helps


Thanks Alan,

I have changed to a native environment, and it now works flawlessly. Thanks for the suggestion.

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