Celery service always times out

I have created a celery service but it keeps showing an error in the event log of “Deploy failed… Timed out”. The service does work and execute tasks up until the point where it gets the error. This is setup as a private service. I don’t have a PORT environment variable but it gets setup on port 10000 anyways. I suspect that a healthcheck is trying to run on that port and eventually fails?

The service is setup like the example here : Deploy a Celery Worker | Render Only difference is that CELERY_BROKER_URL is set via an environment group instead of a service specific env var.

Anyone else run into issues with running a celery private service?

I would recreate it to be a background worker (vs a private service which is meant to have a TCP process listening on a port).

Somehow I missed that option. Thanks for pointing it out!