Issues with Celery Worker not executing posting

Hello. I have successfully deployed a Web Services and Redis Instance. I also have a Background server. This server communicates with the Web Services and handles the Celery Worker queues.

The queues are being executed and the function is working as expected.

Now, when it comes to posting a social media post (for scheduling). It fails to post. IT WORKS locally.

I have deduced that the parameters are empty for posting when I try to get a User. When I post something, I get a response of false. Which means theres an issue with the endpoint.

I am trying to figure out how to get it to work.

I read a little bit on private services… and replicated the exact process everything. As the private service has outbound enabled. No luck.

I just am unsure as I do not want to have my celery worker functioning locally, I want the operations here.

Hi there,

It’s a little unclear exactly with the setup here. Is it the POST request to your web service which fails or is a POST request to a 3rd party that fails? When you POST from the celery job locally, it works okay?

Have you added any debug logging which logs the POST request and its payload? If it is a POST request to your web service, do have any logging enabled to see that it is receiving the request? What API endpoint is it using?


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Thank you Keith for getting to me.

The POST request to the Web Server works.
I have 2 POST requests on the Background (this is doing the Celery Worker). For handling the posting (3rd party service) and for MongoDB. On the basis of it posting, it updates to MongoDB with a success or failure. Everything has been returning a failure.

Locally the Celery Worker always works. There is always a success.

The payload tends to be empty. It is not giving me errors, just that the payload is empty and being false. When its empty it just returns and exits. I try hardcoded values into the payload, for some reason that did not work.

I am using the Instagram API endpoint for posting.

Hi there,

So is the POST the Instagram API which fails?


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

That is correct, yes

Making a POST request to the web service solved the issue

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