Celery and Redis connection issues

Hey everyone

I have followed the documentation on launching a celery and redis application but am unable to get the celery app to connect to the redis server. I’ve specified the environment variable CELERY_BROKER_URL and am using the specific internal address (as per the docs).

Here are the logs of the celery app:

I’m honestly clueless as to why it’s not connecting. If anyone is able to assist I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hi @mattfreire ,

I see that your celery app is in our Frankfurt region, but your redis app is in our Oregon region. If you want to connect directly to the services (that is, not over the Internet using public URLs), they’ll need to be in the same region. You will need to recreate either your celery or redis apps in the alternate region so they can communicate over the private addresses.

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Thanks @dan - that was it!

For anyone else that experiences this - I had to clear my cache and manually redeploy apps that depended on the old redis app. Now everything works