Can't connect to database

My Nestjs app can’t connect to database anymore. My [latest deploy]
(Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps) was timeout.

06/11/2021, 10:03:03 AM   [TypeOrmModule] Unable to connect to the database. Retrying (1)... +129935ms

Rollback deploy didn’t work with the same error.

is this due to the outrage?

Hi @peterblockman! The incident you linked was specifically affecting services hosted in the EU, so I don’t think that is related to what you’re seeing.

To help diagnose further, can you see if you are able to connect to your database from your machine locally? You can do this by running the psql command provided for the database.

Thank you for the reply.

I am able to access the database through the psql command.

Although I didn’t update my code, it worked after some more failed deploying attempts.