Build successful in logs but deploy isn't complete

We’re currently investigating this issue further- I’ll let you know if we find anything. How long have you noticed this issue?

I’m getting the same issues

perhaps a week or so

Thanks for the extra info. We’ve drained what seems to be a problematic node on our end, and this should hopefully fix the issue. If you experience this issue again, would you let us know in this thread? We’re going to keep monitoring this situation to prevent it from happening in the future.

This is still happening

STILL HAPPENING. It timeouts eventually trying to start the service.

Is there a solution for this yet? I’m also encountering this issue.

Hey! Not sure if this is the same but my problem seems to be:

  • logs say build was succesful
  • start command gets triggered
  • no error log is shown anywhere
  • start command gets triggered on and on and on…

Screenshot of the logs:

I can’t seem to deploy my app: anyone has found a workaround?

note: @ivanprats case was caused by binding to localhost. Servers should bind to in order to be reached from outside the service.