Build Failing For Spring Boot GraalVm Native Image

As am using GraalVm based java app. Build will take time!!. But whenever I tried to trigger it becomes non-responsive after 5 mins.
Can someone help to look into this.

Sep 30 09:01:25 PM #10 1423.4 === Image generator watchdog detected no activity. This can be a sign of a deadlock during image building. Dumping all stack traces. Current time: Sat Sep 30 12:57:59 UTC 2023

Hi Prakash,

I see you’ve also opened a support ticket about this. I’ll follow up there and close this one out to avoid duplicating efforts.



I tried running the same app locally using docker after the build completed. It takes not more than 70mb. While building the app takes more memory like 5~6 gb in my MacBook m1.

Here context is not running app. Build is broken once build is completed i could able to run without any problem. Is there any limitation on memory allocation for builds?



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