CPU Problem with background worker

What means “Average CPU Utilization” in Scalling tab?
When my scale goes from 2% to 3% my application works perfectly and without errors
When drawdowns start and some jumps from 0 to 1% - callbacks often return errors due to a timeout

As far as I understand correctly, this is a hosting problem?

In such intervals, my bot can answer me for 20 seconds, this does not suit me.
Can increasing the value in Manual Scaling help me with this proble?


today all time 0.1% how to fix this problem? its really slow


“Average CPU utilization” refers to the calculated average of CPU usage across all instances of your service. If you have only one instance, this value will be equivalent to the usage of that single instance.

For addressing potential scaling concerns, the most effective approach is to reach out to us using the “Contact Support” form available in the dashboard.

Render Support, UTC+3

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