Blueprint error - "services[0].plan no such plan free for service type web"

Hi, I have created a pretty simple blueprint yaml file to test static site deployment, though I want to use the free tier as it’s just for playing around / experimenting with the environment.

When I try to sync it up to the dashboard I get the error “services[0].plan no such plan free for service type web” even though they docs suggest it should be available? Has something changed, or am I missing something from the below simple template?

  - type: web
    name: webapp-test
    env: static
    plan: free
    branch: main
    rootDir: webapp
    buildCommand: yarn install && yarn compile
    staticPublishPath: ./build

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Static Sites (env: static) don’t have plans, so you can remove the plan: free from that service declaration.

Hope that helps


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