Background Workers for Node js

Hi, I would like to use background workers for my node web service. Currently I am using Express.js with bullMq in the same web service.

I would like to migrate my backgroud taks to background-workers but the documentation is not clearer and there is no example on how to deploy it with node.

i hope the getting started guide could be a bit better. I’m not sure if I should keep bullMq or how to refactor my code to deploy it as background-worker.

Hey Enoch,
Your first steps would probably be to create a background service with all the environment variables it needs, deploying the same repo as your webservice but have your start command start bullMq instead of express. I found this article on SO which describes the type of setup I’d expect

Unfortunately, given the many different options it’s almost impossible for us to document deployment of everything to Render

John B

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