Any chance of choosing or upgrading the sqlite3 version?

Hi there,

Render’s sqlite3 version is 3.27.2 (from February, 2019). Is there a way for me to specify a newer version in environment variables, or any chance ya’ll are interested in updating it? It’s nearing 5 years old!

I’m running into an issue where the ALTER TABLE semantics in Render’s version of sqlite are different than that on my machine, causing crashes during DB migration. It’d be nice to have similar DB versions to ease the maintenance load.

Stuff I’ve checked

I could go to Docker, but it’s all so close to working, I’d love to be able to specify a SQLITE3_VERSION env var, or have a newer version installed. Many thanks for your consideration!


SQLite isn’t versionable in our native environments. The simplest way to control the OS level libraries is to deploy your application using Docker, as you’ve already guessed.

On a side note, we’re currently working on upgrading our native environments, but I don’t have an ETA for any specific updates.

Render Support, UTC+3

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