Adminer connection to SQLite

Hello, I have installed a docker web service and deployed adminer to connect to a SQLite database stored on an attached disk of another docker web service. What is the database link I have to use to can connect? Thank you!

Hi @Jordi! It probably depends on how you configured adminer. If you navigate to the page in the Render dashboard for the service that’s running adminer, you can look at the “Internal Address” section to see open ports. If you see one that corresponds to adminer, you should be able to use the host:port internal service address to connect. Let us know if that doesn’t work or if you require further assistance.

Hi @david ! Thank you for your response, my problem is as follows: I have a Render Docker service with an API that internally uses a SQLite database file that remains on an attached disk in the same Render service. My problem is that I want to browse this file with a SQLite browser like AdMiner, but I don’t know how to do it. Is it possible to install AdMiner on the same Render service where API resides? If so, I don’t know how to do it. Can I access the SQLite file from another Render Docker Service other than the Render Docker API? Or is there an alternative? Thank you

Thanks for clarifying @Jordi. The main limitation that you’ll have to work around here is that while Render web services can expose multiple ports internally, they can expose at most one port for external traffic. You could install AdMiner on the same Render service as your API, but you probably then need to do some extra work to expose both the API and AdMiner over the public internet (assuming that’s what you want to do).

You could use a proxy like nginx to multiplex your API and AdMiner over a single port. A more secure approach would be to use a Tailscale subnet router (see GitHub - render-examples/tailscale: Tailscale Subnet Router on Render). This would let you access all your internal services from within a secure VPN. Let me know if you have additional questions, or if I’m misunderstanding something about your setup.

Could you guys consider making a tutorial on this topic? I don’t have the exact same, but a similar request (Jobs Monitoring Dashboard I have running next to my application on a different port) - would be so awesome!

Good idea @Marc_Philippe_Beauje! I’ll run it by the rest of the team.