Database connection


I’m developing a web application that requests data from a local server. This server has the data stored on a sql server. A solution I found to read this data is to establish a VPN connection between the web application and the local server. I’m using upload via docker image. The system is working locally, when I run it on my computer it works as expected. However when I run it in render I get the following error:
" mknod: /dev/net/tun: Operation not permittedchmod: cannot access ‘/dev/net/tun’: No such file or directory"
In some research I could get the result that the render does not support the use of tunneling to create a VPN connection.
My question:- Does the render really not support the vpn tunnel? Is there any way to configure?- Is there any other solution to access data from a local server securely?

Hi Vinicius,

The most straightforward approach for connecting external private resources to your Render services would be with Tailscale. See for an example of how to use that service.

That being said, I think you’d be better off with your local server pushing data to a database hosted on Render and then have your service read from that database if at all possible.



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