Abstracted routing to a PR preview

As it stands, PR previews are a great way to expose a fresh non-master branch to my (often internal) audience.
However, there is also a use case where I want to connect to a development branch (ie. preview) of a backend service - without having to change anything explicitly in the services connecting to it (and without going head first into a full environment preview).
Can we expect some more intelligent platform routing features, where previews are made accessible on the same url as their parent making use of some magic in between?

For example, something as simple as a knob in the GUI (plus an API) that allows routing a percentage of traffic to the preview branch, or looking at request headers and the existence of cookies in order to make a routing decision. The overarching theme here would be canary deployments.

Hi @harmw ,

I agree with you that this would be a fantastic feature for Render. There’s a ton of value in canaries, or otherwise experimenting with new deployments like for A/B testing.

I see that there’s a feature request for canary deployments (Canary deployments | Feature Requests | Render), but this is something that isn’t currently on our roadmap.