503 Error on Web Service

I have deployed my Django app via a web service and everything was working great until I removed the “DEBUG = True” setting and then I am only getting 503 errors and cannot access my service?

Is there something I need to do to run my Django app in production that I am unaware of? Do I need to provide some settings here to help identify what the issue could be?

Any help would be much appreciated as I am completely stumped :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Log in via the shell and look in the production log file. It’s totally possible that some things change when not in debug mode.

Also, try running it w/out debug locally — does it work there?

Hi Warren,

Have you taken a look at our guide for deploying Django applications? If these aren’t helpful feel free to reach out to support@render.com with your service id so we can take a closer look.

Thanks for all the replies.

I took dogweather’s advice and turned debug off locally and ran under a gunicorn server and it turned out, as we are migrating over from Heroku, the django-heroku package was handling a lot of settings for the static files and after much fiddling I’ve managed to get the files served correctly and the problem has been resolved.

Thanks again for the pointer dogweather, saved me a lot of mole whacking in the end.

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