Django App from Heroku: Internal server error 500


I managed to successfully migrate and deploy my django-based web app by following the instructions at:

However, despite this, when I launch the django web app from the web services, it gives me an internal server error 500,

My app is hosted at:


I figured out what was causing the issue thanks to using two troubleshooting commands:
which helped me identify that the issue was related to a path in my staticfiles
python findstatic --verbosity 2 “[foo]”
which helped me isolate the specific path and file triggering this issue.

Adding the missing css file resolved the issue, and I could load the website without having to set DEBUG as True - which seemed to either ignore or resolve the error automatically(This is discouraged from a security standpoint for production sites).

The useful links and documentations used for this error were:
Setting debug to false causes 500 error - [django - Setting DEBUG = False causes 500 Error - Stack Overflow]
Whitenoise storage troubleshoot

A thank you also to Alan on the support team for leading me in the right direction with the stackoverflow discussion link

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