All the views in django application with static content are giving 500 error

I have deployed a django application. Deployment was successful. All the urls are working except those with static content in it. I have followed django deployment tutorial.
URL with static content:
URL without static content: Document
Tried all the support online and forums as well. Please advise what I am doing wrong.

Hi there,

How are you hosting your static content?

Did you follow the instructions here to configure a service to server static files:



Yes, Matt. I followed the instructions but it didnt work. I found a similar issue here where the proposed solution was to set Debug=True and that did the trick. I am sure it should not be the case in prod env but it was not working otherwise. I found that many people on render platform have come across similar situations may be its something you guys can consider about platform.

you don’t want to enable debug in a publically accessable server,

ie: i can go to this link and see all your secrets :slight_smile:

static content relies on “collectstatic” management command, this would need to be part of your build command step, or etc.

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