2 bugs in https://dashboard.render.com/blueprint/new

Details below…

Bug 1: URL links to https://github.com Home instead of the GitHub repository https://github.com/lloydchang/render-examples-blueprints

Bug 2: Default branch is assumed to be “master” instead of “main” — Whereas “main” is the new convention in GitHub and GitLab


  1. The default branch for newly-created repositories is now main | GitHub Changelog https://github.blog/changelog/2020-10-01-the-default-branch-for-newly-created-repositories-is-now-main/
  2. The new Git default branch name | GitLab https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2021/03/10/new-git-default-branch-name/

Status updates below:

• Bug 1 is no longer reproducible for me.

Good because I can click the URL onto my GitHub repository to add a render.yaml file.

Whereas previously, when I clicked the URL, I would be redirected to https://github.com Home — That was a frustrating User Experience (UX) because Render had rendered (pun intended) to the wrong URL, then directed me to the wrong place (https://github.com GitHub Home).

Bug 1: I wonder if there was an Eventual Consistency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eventual_consistency issue earlier which Render couldn’t fully connect to my GitHub repository to render (pun intended) the URL, then Render fell back to redirecting me to the wrong place (GitHub Home https://github.com).

• Bug 2 still exists.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to https://dashboard.render.com/blueprint/new

  2. Branch: defaults to “master” instead of “main”

Screenshots below:

For Bug 2 - we actually load the branch names from the repo - for your https://github.com/lloydchang/render-examples-blueprints repo, there is no branch. If you created a main branch in the repo then we’d present that it in the list.

John B

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Thanks @John_B; got it.

I dug into the why:

Even though GitHub defaults to the main branch for a new repository:

Git CLI (running underneath the hood) and/or Git API — It depends on whether Render is using the Git CLI or Git API — is still defaulting to the master branch.

GitHub says main:

…or create a new repository on the command line
echo “# render-examples-blueprints” >> README.md
git init
git add README.md
git commit -m “first commit”
git branch -M main
git remote add origin git@github.com:lloydchang/render-examples-blueprints.git
git push -u origin main

but Git CLI says master:

git clone git@github.com:lloydchang/render-examples-blueprints.git

cd render-examples-blueprints

git log

fatal: your current branch ‘master’ does not have any commits yet

**The discrepancy is between GitHub and Git, and it happens outside of Render.

It appears that Render Web UI is simply manifesting what Git CLI and/or CLI is reporting — despite of the discrepancy with GitHub.**

Thank you!

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