Zero downtime deploys

how long does it take before the old version of the app is completely shutdown? It seems its taking 20 minutes each time and I thought as soon as the new app passes the health check then the new server will be receiving requests from the public and not the internal port to check the health. I thought that’s how it worked but for some reason it’s taking 20 minutes until the old server is shutdown.

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Once a new deploy has been health-checked successfully, the switchover and shutdown should be fairly swift.

Are you saying the newly deployed instance is serving requests, but the old one is still running for a while? Or that a successful new deploy doesn’t come into effect for 20mins after reporting as “live”.

Please share some specific details on how this behavior is being observed, e.g any logs, times (preferably with timezone), and any other examples you think may help to show what you’re seeing will assist us to investigate further.



The new deploy comes and they run together for 20 minutes and it causes some issues

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