You must provide a major, minor, and patch version

Hi, first time Render user here. I’ve got a Plotly Dash app running locally, but when I try to deploy it I get the following build error:

Sep 16 02:04:20 PM  ==> Downloading cache...
Sep 16 02:04:27 PM  ==> Still downloading cache...
Sep 16 02:04:38 PM  ==> You must provide a major, minor, and patch version, e.g. 3.8.1


  • I set up my project on Render as a Web Service
  • I’ve set my PYTHON_VERSION environment variable (I’m developing with 3.10).
  • Since I set up my project with pipenv, I set the Build Command in Render Settings to $ pipenv install

Are there some common fixes I can look into? Appreciate any guidance.

Hi Nathan,

Sorry about the trouble. Our Python infrastructure requires that you specify a full version to use, so that there’s no ambiguity. It sounds like you might have PYTHON_VERSION set to 3.10, so you’ll want to add on the patch version. The most recent version is 3.10.7, but it’s probably best to use the exact version you’re developing against. You can get that from python3 --version or similar.

Please let us know if that works out for you!

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Ah, I did only have it set to 3.10. I’ll try adding the patch version and will report back on whether or not it works!

Success! Your suggestion worked. Thank you.

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