Yarn 1 workspaces installing hoisted dependencies

We have a monorepo setup using rootFolder and filters in Render and we recently moved to yarn 1 workspaces. On install of the apps/api it pulls in the hoisted dependencies from another app. The cache is bigger and the install times are longer.

We have the following folder structure:


I think this post explains the issue with monorepo caching in the presence of a hoisted structure: Improved caching for yarn workspaces - Updates - Netlify Support Forums


Is there a workaround on Render’s end to avoid pulling in (and installing) unrelated hoisted dependencies or the only option for now is to use the nohoist option?

Support confirmed that:

I did get confirmation this is how we expect caching to work, so your best bet would be to use the no-hoist option.

Also logged a feature request here

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