Will MySQL ever be considered as a managed DB offering

Will MySQL ever be considered as a service on Render.com?

Hi there, i’m looking to port a lampstack to a docker app. Looking at the difference platforms Render.com, railway.app, fly.io and DigitalOcean I see that render.com is the only one without an MySQL option. This is important for LAMP apps.

Hey there,

I don’t have any information on that right now, I can see this it’s been a requested feature for us at add at https://feedback.render.com/features/p/support-mysql-mariadb so I’d certainly recommend upvoting that feature request.

We might not have mySQL as a managed service but you’re able to deploy it to us via Docker - we have an example at https://github.com/render-examples/mysql but remember this would be unmanaged so you’d have to take responsibility for backup, config etc etc,


John B

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