How can I access my mysql on render from external application?

It seems only application deployed on render could access it, is there other way for external application to access it?

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If you have a Web Service in the same account/team you may be able to connect from an SQL IDE that supports SSH. You would use the SSH details to connect to the Web Service (docs on SSH here) and then to the Private Service hosting your MySQL instance.

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the answer, I can access if my web service is on render, what if the application is not on render server?

Or another way to ask, if there is any way to deploy mysql on render and external app could access?

Following this tuts: Deploy MySQL Database | Render , can I just replace private service with web service, then it’s OK?

You wouldn’t be able to access a Private Service directly at this time. This feature request may be similar to what you’re asking, please feel free to upvote/comment:

An alternative may be to use a service like Tailscale within your account, we have an example here:

Hope that helps