Wildcard domain setup doesn't load the site when accessed as https://example.com

I have a static website prawephecy-dev which is mapped to a wildcard domain

The following doesn’t work

The following works

I did try adding an alias and the following is how the DNS mapping looks

Please help.


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

The DNS records you shared appear to be different from the ones used for internal-prawephecy-dev.com

$ dig *.internal-prawephecy-dev.com CNAME +shortprawephecy-dev.onrender.com.

And wildcard domains seem to serve a cert as expected:

$ curl -Iv https://foo.internal-prawephecy-dev.com...* Server certificate:* subject: CN=*.internal-prawephecy-dev.com* start date: Sep 19 07:30:52 2022 GMT* expire date: Dec 18 07:30:51 2022 GMT* subjectAltName: host "foo.internal-prawephecy-dev.com" matched cert's "*.internal-prawephecy-dev.com"* issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=R3* SSL certificate verify ok....

If you’re referring specifically to the root/apex domain (no subdomain), this would also need to be added to the service custom domains. Wildcards do not cover root/apex domains.

Hope that helps


My bad, I shared the wrong screen. Can you try now? I’ve added a CNAME and an ALIAS. Result is still the same.

My last comment applies. The wildcard seems set up correctly, if you want it to respond to just https://internal-prawephecy-dev.com, you’ll need to add internal-prawephecy-dev.com as a custom domain to the service.


Post addition, all domain entries have gone into Certificate Pending status. I raised a ticket yesterday to get the Certificate Pending issue resolved. Looks like all three static sites with this new change have gone into Certificate Pending status.

It’s been a while there. Can you help?


  1. prawephecy-dev
  2. prawephecy-qa
  3. prawephecy-prod

Hi there,

The issue should be resolved now.

The www entry may show “Pending”, I think that’s a minor display-only bug due to the overlap of the wildcard certificate covering that subdomain. We’ve got that noted to fix.

Thanks for your patience.


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