Why does my new DB table consume double the quota?


I just added a table of size 64MB to my Postgres DB and I noticed in my metrics dashboard that my memory usage increased by 128MB (double the size). Is it doing some kind of replication under the hood or something? (I’m currently in the free tier btw). And if it has to do with being in the free tier, is it different in other tiers?

Also, how does this play with the backups strategy? Should I expect 128MB * 7 = ~896MB to be used up after the course of 1 week?

Please let me know, thank you!

Hi Rednar,

PostgreSQL does a lot of work under-the-hood to improve performance, especially when building things like indexes, and this is true for both free and paid plans. The database plan limit of 1 GB of storage applies to all storage the PostgreSQL database needs, including caches, indices, etc.

Backups are complete backups of the database, so each backup will be similar to the size of your database (though there is some compression). Fortunately, however, backup storage does not count toward your plan’s storage limit.

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Ah that explains it, thanks a lot!!

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