What does "EOFError: EOF when reading a line" while deploying process means?

Hi !

Try to deploy my telegram bot (python, telethon)

I’ve been having the error:
Mar 21 02:41:31 PM EOFError: EOF when reading a line
How can I fix it in Render ?

And how can I enter data into internal hosting terminal ? Is there smth like that in Render or not ?

Mar 21 02:41:32 PM Enter api_id:

For example, I need to enter manually API_ID, API_HASH, my telegram confirmation code and etc to make my code run in full.

How can I do this ? I have no clue, how to do it, I haven’t find any interface like Hosting Terminal Window or smth else.

Link to my public repository in GitHub: GitHub - ArseniiFigurin/Telegram-Chats-Messaging-Bot-rus-: Telegram Chats Messaging Bot (rus)

Link to my Render Web Service Pack: https://arseniifigurin-telegram-chats-messaging-3kc5.onrender.com

I need Help

Thank you so much !

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