What does "EOFError: EOF when reading a line" mean ? And where can I find internal hosting terminal to enter necessary data?

Hi !

I have to say, when I started my app code locally through my MacOSTerminal, all was working perfectly, but there’re some troubles while running in Render. Help me, please, to figure out, how does it work.

Try to deploy my telegram bot (python, telethon)

I’ve been having the error:
Mar 21 02:41:31 PM EOFError: EOF when reading a line
How can I fix it in Render ?

And how can I enter data into internal hosting terminal ? Is there smth like that in Render or not ?

Mar 21 02:41:32 PM Enter api_id:

For example, I need to enter manually API_ID, API_HASH, my telegram confirmation code and etc to make my code run in full.

How can I do this ? I have no clue, how to do it, I haven’t find any interface like Hosting Terminal Window or smth else.

I need Help

Thank you so much !


When running a bot on Render, deploy it with a Background Worker to avoid exposing a web server. Note that Background Workers aren’t available with free instances. Running a bot via a Web Service may fail, and rate-limiting issues may occur with Discord bots.

Please note that duplicating services on Render will not resolve the issue. If you have created multiple services for the same purpose, please delete the unnecessary ones.

Jérémy, Render Support

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