Webhook build trigger

We currently use Codeship for our CI and running our tests. Normally I would want the CI to run the tests, and if they pass and it’s on the correct branch, to then send a signal to the deploy system to actually build and deploy the code. It doesn’t look like that’s possible: we’d either have to ditch Codeship (maybe a good thing …), or manually trigger the deploy (definitely a bad thing).

Any possibility of getting a webhook or something to remotely trigger a build?

We have Deploy Hooks for this specific use case!

This seems to be a pretty common use-case which is also supported on Heroku via a check-box.

There should at least be some kind of documentation for how to approach this issue in Github. Do you advise using secrets and trigger it from the build config? Would you advise using Github webhooks? How would you configure it?

Configuring it individually per service is tedious and error-prone, i’d have to set up 6 different hooks within one repo to have all services deploy automatically.