Using subdomains with onrender custom domains

Good day,

Please I’ve read and understood well how to add custom domain from here Configuring Namecheap DNS | Render Docs
However, details were not provided as to handle subdomains.

Assume I my domain. and I need it to point to the frontend onrender

Then I need to have the api on the subdomain too like And I have another onrender running say

Please, if I can get a quick help, it’ll really go a long way helping.

Thank you.

Have you tried following the typical setup from the docs for your frontend and then adding another CNAME record for your API?

That is, something like:

Type Host Value
A Record @
CNAME Record www
CNAME Record api
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Okay thanks so much I’ll try that right away.
But please it looks like I can’t find “A” records here. Is there an alternative or something?

Never mind, I found out I needed to toggle the Custom DNS to “NameCheap BasicDNS” under the “Domain” panel.

Thanks so much

Sounds like that worked out for you, then? If so, that’s great! :smile:

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