Using PgBouncer with Prisma

If I enable Connection Pooling will I still be able to connect directly to Postgres, without using PgBouncer, to run Prisma migrations which don’t work through PgBouncer? Meaning, will I have two different connection strings I can use, one for just Postgres, and one for PgBouncer?

That’s exactly what I do. So I have two environment variables:

// The pgBouncer connection string

// The direct postgres connection string

My prisma schema connects to the pgBouncer instance using the env("DATABASE_URL") value, and then in my deployment script, I just have the following script in package.json:

"prisma:migrate": "DATABASE_URL=\"$MIGRATE_DATABASE_URL\" prisma migrate deploy",

This workflow has been working great for me. Hope this helps.

Hey Chris,

Was Drew’s post above able to help?

Jérémy, Render Support

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