Using Docker images from Docker Hub

I’m making a Dockerfile which consumes a public image from Docker Hub. I intend to put the Dockerfile into a subfolder in my app and set up a private service to consume it.

I thought it would be as simple as

FROM datalust/seq:2023.1

and when pushed to Render it would get downloaded, built and run.

It builds and gets pushed to the internal repo okay, but when run it gets an error.

But, when built and run locally it works fine (docker build -t my-seq .).

The images should be identical but the one on Render fails. I’ve done this previously for two other images and its been fine.

Any ideas?


Please could you share the logs/error message you mentioned? That may help us troubleshoot the issue with you.


The Dockerfile:

FROM datalust/seq:2023.1


The render.yaml:

- type: pserv
  name: neptune-seq
  env: docker
  rootDir: seq
  autoDeploy: true
  region: frankfurt
  plan: starter

The deploy log:

Apr 25 08:25:57 AM  #7 exporting content cache
Apr 25 08:25:57 AM  #7 DONE 0.1s
Apr 25 08:26:00 AM  Pushing image to registry...
Apr 25 08:26:02 AM  Upload succeeded
Apr 25 08:26:02 AM  DONE
Apr 25 08:26:21 AM  /usr/bin/seqsvr: line 40: /seqsvr/Seq: Operation not permitted
Apr 25 08:26:25 AM  /usr/bin/seqsvr: line 40: /seqsvr/Seq: Operation not permitted
Apr 25 08:26:39 AM  /usr/bin/seqsvr: line 40: /seqsvr/Seq: Operation not permitted

Line 40:

exec /seqsvr/Seq $command_arg $@ $storage_arg

Obviously I don’t expect you to debug the dockerfile :wink: but it would be good to understand how this method of rebuilding images works for other images but not this one. My hunch is its a permissions issue but that’s as far as my skillset goes. Hopefully on day we can just use public repos!

Thanks for any help you can give!

Any thoughts?

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