Unstable github connection

I am unable to successfully connect my render account to GitHub. it shows as being connected, but when I try to deploy, I get this message (repo is public so it works anyway). automatic deploy also do not work.

I try to reset the connection by pressing the Disconnect button under Account Settings.

I get a flash of the 2fa screen, before immediately being logged out and redirected to the login page. when I log back in, the connection is still showing as active.

now I have to deactivate 2fa, and only then can I successfully disconnect from GitHub. I log out of render and GitHub just to be safe, then go to Account Settings and re-connect. GitHub doesn’t ask what repos it should have access to (I only saw this happen one time and haven’t been able to reproduce).

I re-do this process, and disconnect GitHub from render side. looking at the settings on GitHub, I see that even though render Account Settings shows disconnected, it still shows under Authorized GitHub Apps.

maybe removing it from the GitHub side will help? no, I re-connect and deploy still says no access. additionally I never get asked about access to GitHub organizations, so I can’t even use it to deploy the application I would pay for.

Hi @nedell, I’d be happy to help you fix the GitHub connection. What’s the current state of affairs? Do you see a connected GitHub account in your Render account settings?

yes, it is currently in a state where it shows connected to github

Great. And can you visit https://github.com/apps/render/installations/new to confirm that the Render app for GitHub is installed and has access to the repositories you’d like to use?

use the link you provided I was able to get the connection working. is there a reason that link isn’t available in the profile page? not sure how I was supposed to know I needed to visit a URL and not use the “Connect to Github” button in my profile.

Hi @nedell ,

Glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that this could be more clear. I know we’re working on changes to the GitHub connection to clarify what you need to do to ensure the setup is correct, but I’ve passed this along as extra feedback. In the mean time, we recently published Troubleshooting GitHub | Render which might help with any future troubleshooting.

awesome, thanks for the reply and the info!