Unexpected HTTP/1.x request

Hey everyone,
first off: I fell in love with render.com
secondly: I keep running into the same issue:

  • Micronaut Framework
  • gRPC
  • Docker
    I do EXPOSE 4690 in the dockerfile and as a ENV. Variable: PORT 4690
    My request works on my server which is located inside my local network.

Whenever I make a gRPC call from my client to my i-love-render-onrender.com:443 grpc server I get this error: Unexpected HTTP/1.x request: POST /com.render/Issue

gRPC Micronaut is expecting HTTP/2

It seems like after completing the TLS Handshake the request is forwarded as HTTP/1.x

Thanks in advance!

Hi @picopco,

This is a constraint of our current architecture that prevents gRPC from being fully supported.

I’ve shared a few workarounds in your other post: https://community.render.com/t/grpc-working-on-render/7389/2.

Let me know if you still have questions about this.



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