Unable to see photos in static site


I am currently unable to view my photos in my site. I created a MERN stack application and have the api with a web service. My frontend with a static site. In my site users are able to create blog posts and upload photos with the posts. Yesterday I noticed the errors below in Firefox and today I am unable to view the photos of the blog posts on the site the CORBS error. The only photos that are viewable are the posts that were created locally. I have contacted support and I am waiting for an answer. I would appreciate any help since I need to submit project soon.

Yesterday Firefox Console

Cookie “_cfuvid” has been rejected for invalid domain.     examplephoto.jpg
Cookie “__cf_bm” has been rejected for invalid domain.    examplephoto.jpg

Today in Static Site

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response https://*website name*.onrender.com/public/images/posts/geocache-gaaac0b46a_1920.jpg with MIME type text/html.



I’ve responded to the ticket you also opened. Let’s keep the conversation in one place (on the ticket), and you can update this post when you find the solution.


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